As a Music Heritage Preservationist, one of my primary goals is to leverage the passion of music fans to fuel preservation activities...

Hats and Ideas: The Mozartian Collective and The Power of Preservation

As a Music Heritage Preservationist, one of my primary goals is to leverage the passion of music fans to fuel preservation activities. As musicians, consumers, patrons and volunteers, we play a vital role in sustaining the life of music from the past. And we're far more than the bottom lines and social media analytics that attempt to quantify us. We're storytellers who give the music context, socio-cultural perspective and human interest. We're also agents of the living and ever-evolving music history of which we are a part. Our collective voice is one of great power and beauty.

Mozart's music has remained securely popular since his lifetime due in no small part to the consistent and unwavering support of his admirers. However, I've discovered through my work that Mozartians today either underestimate or are unaware of how important their individual actions are in preserving this music heritage. Although having the best of intentions, the way we engage with music today doesn't always go the extra mile for preservation effectiveness.

Given society's preoccupation with personal devices and music on demand, we experience music more individually today than ever before. And when we also consider the graying of audiences and the threat of a wrecking ball hovering over another historic theater, only then do we realize just how much it all depends on our involvement. And I feel, to a degree, that classical music audiences have heard so often that the genre is fading into oblivion (and it seemingly continues) that they've become desensitized to any mention of its plight.

Thinking about this inspired me to write an article to inform fans about the opportunities that can translate their passion, skills and interests into maximum impact in exchange for a little more time and effort. Preservation requires us to wear a hat or two and I hope my fellow Mozartians will explore and consider these options!

The Consumer /// This is the hat that you probably wear most often...keep it on tight!
-Purchase tickets for Mozart concerts and related events
-Attend Fathom's Met Live in HD broadcasts of Mozart's operas at your local cinema
-Buy Mozart recordings, books, films, etc.
-Visit museum exhibits and Mozart historical sites through related travel and tourism
*See my resources page for directories and ideas!

The Patron /// This hat is a great option for those who have the additional funds to contribute and/or don't have much time for other volunteer activities.
-Support an opera company, orchestra or Mozart festival as a season subscriber
-Sponsor a Mozart concert program or festival as an individual or business
-Make a donation to classical radio or an all-Mozart radio channel
-Join a Mozart organization or museum association as a dues paying member
*See my resources page for directories and ideas!

The Volunteer /// This is the hat that needs to be worn most often by Mozartians! Your time is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than monetary contributions.
-Serve on committees and boards to support Mozart-related programming
-Become an usher for concerts and events
-Dedicate time to doing office work or other tasks for an organization or museum
-Become a docent for an exhibit about Mozart, his era or related subject
-If you're a musician, volunteer to perform in a community orchestra
-If you're an artist, create a Mozart artwork and suggest a local display or exhibit
*See my resources page for directories and ideas!

Volunteerism isn't just organizational. Here are a few social ideas!

-Invite family and friends to a Mozart concert or event
-Create and distribute Mozart mixtapes
-Host a movie night featuring a Mozart film or performance
-Organize a Mozart listening party and vinyl swap
-Host a reading group focusing on a Mozart biography or novel

It's my hope that I've inspired you in some way to become more active in doing your part for the well-being of Mozart's music!