My campaign for Mozart's  Die Zauberflöte   this month is my second outreach initiative this year ( read about Idomeneo in ...

Campaign to Create Accessibility for Mozart Opera Celebrates 100 Tickets

My campaign for Mozart's Die Zauberflöte this month is my second outreach initiative this year (read about Idomeneo in March) with Fathom Events and the The Met: Live in HD. 2017 marks the fifth year of our collaboration and there's much to celebrate! 

Including this opera, I've now offered 36 live broadcast tickets and 64 encore tickets for a total of 100 tickets free of charge to Mozart's fans in the U.S. The effort has introduced participants to Mozart's operas and also served as a means for rekindling existing interest through cinema. Tickets have spanned five operas and winners from 14 states, including children and young teenagers through parental participation. 

Although my partner organization Fathom Events is national in scope, the The Met: Live in HD transmissions are offered on more than 2,000 screens in over 70 countries, so I hope that one day we'll be able to expand our reach to audiences worldwide. 

For a chance to win tickets to see the live broadcast of Die Zauberflöte in cinemas on Saturday, October 14th, I invited U.S. fans to enter my drawing via Facebook by sending a brief explanation as to why they feel Mozart's music and dramatic works are relevant to our world today. And the lucky winners are...

Lorraine Joachim // Illinois
Staci Riley // Ohio
Ariela Haro von Mogel // California


All three winners expressed heartfelt sentiments about Mozart's relevance that I hope will inspire others to take a more active role as patrons, consumers, advocates and volunteers in their support of Mozart and the classical genre in general.

"Mozart proves his influence is still relevant today, whether it be visual theater or a background score in a film. Mozart perfected the craft of capturing emotion into composition, leaving the listener's mind to make up psychological illustrations. It's been proven that classical music reduces stress. Some of my favorite places have been places my mind takes me. Mozart, years later is a household name. Even if they don't know his name, they know his music." -Staci Riley

"I strongly believe Mozart's music is relevant to today's audiences for its clarity and beauty. Mozart's music speaks to eternal struggles of the human spirit. During these especially troubled times, politically and socially, Mozart's music does well to soothe our collective souls and offer respite from our modern world." -Ariela Haro von Mogel

"Mozart always heard the voice of God in the everyday mundane and obtuse events and translated what he heard into the most beautiful music ever heard, expressing God's love, mercy and forgiveness in an ever troubled world. Mozart's music and message in all of his works, is still as much alive in healing now as it was then. I believe Mozart wished us to live that message and pass it forward." -Lorraine Joachim 

It's a pleasure to award these dedicated Mozartians with tickets for Saturday!

Once again, I'd like to express my congratulations to the winners and gratitude to my friends at Fathom Events. Since 2012, their generosity and support have given me a platform where greater reach is possible. What an honor it is to be celebrating 100 tickets as a mark of our shared commitment to creating accessibility for the art form!