The Modern-Day Mozartian   store is now open on CafePress! Stickers, buttons, magnets, postcards and luggage tags featuring my logo are r...

The Mozartian Store Opens on CafePress

The Modern-Day Mozartian store is now open on CafePress! Stickers, buttons, magnets, postcards and luggage tags featuring my logo are readily available to ship worldwide.

Browse & Shop! (I welcome feedback about product inventory!)

Why merch? It makes a powerful statement and reaches audiences through human interaction rather than through a screen. It's more meaningful and effective. I think most people would be more intrigued by seeing a bewigged character they encountered at the airport or in traffic than while skimming and scanning content on a device.

Whether you have a sticker on your notebook, a button on your backpack, a magnet on your refrigerator or car, you're using a luggage tag on a trip or you're sending a postcard to a fellow Mozartian, signature merch serves an ambassadorial role. It's your stamp of approval, your endorsement, and it'll help bring new audiences to Mozart and my platform while giving you (the WolfGANG!) a fun way to support my work.

CafePress was on my mind when I created the logo in 2016, but so many other projects and initiatives intervened that it simply didn't happen...until now! I've never had a paywall or asked readers to pay subscription fees, so in addition to audience development, opening a store also creates a potential revenue stream for me, something I can never have enough of as an independent professional!

I've always believed that taking a social approach to preservation is key because audiences benefit exponentially through shared experiences. It's why I've created events and contests on Facebook as well as two fan collection exhibits at the Mozarthaus in Vienna. Promoting the public recognition of Mozart's audiences with an identity (logo) through which we can connect is also a part of the journey.

And what's in a logo? Well, everything in terms of message and as little as possible in terms of design. When someone sees the Mozartian, I want them to know that she represents not only my work (I'm simply a catalyst or representative), but the efforts of the Mozartian collective. As musicians, audience members, consumers, patrons and volunteers, we all play a vital role in sustaining Mozart's music and heritage.

We're storytellers who deliver contemporary context, socio-cultural perspective and human interest. We're agents of the living and ever-evolving music history of which we are a part. Our voice is one of great power and beauty, reflecting the joy and humanity of Mozart's music and the universal messages of love, unity and enlightenment conveyed within its measures.