It's Patreon launch day! Since my authorship began with The Chronicles of a Modern-Day Mozartian , I've never monetized it thro...

The Chronicles Launches on Patreon

It's Patreon launch day! Since my authorship began with The Chronicles of a Modern-Day Mozartian, I've never monetized it through subscription fees, paywalls, ads or affiliate marketing. Since 2006, readers have had access to what I've created for public consumption at no cost, but now I'm asking that my readership arrive at this content in a financially supporting role through Patreon, a membership platform that empowers creators to earn recurring, sustainable income.

For only $5/month, you can become an active subscriber and join a private community where you'll enjoy exclusive content like early access updates and have the opportunity to engage in discussions with me about the future of The Chronicles. Learn more about membership and how your support will advance my work for our mutual passion!

For those of you who are new to The Chronicles, welcome! I invite you to look through my site to learn more about my career highlights and recent achievements. You'll find that it's more than a blog. It's a platform that represents my fieldwork, fan projects and other preservation initiatives for Mozart. The Chronicles is a catalyst for action. Over the years, I've fondly referred to the community I've built as "The WolfGANG," which is the name of my Patreon membership.

My emphasis on community in addressing the needs of music heritage preservation on a holistic level is the essence of my concept for Musicopolis. Preservation success depends on our relationships with each other and our environments. Music, memories, artifacts, architecture. Music fans, musicians, professionals, educators, civic leaders. We are interconnected, comprising a dynamic and diverse city with a single mission: to see our music history and heritage thrive, inspire and sustain.

Professionals and general audiences alike play a vital role as guardians and advocates, but we tend to operate independently in a vacuum, not through a more concerted effort for greater effect. We're storytellers who provide context, socio-cultural perspective and human interest. We're agents of this living and ever-evolving history of which we are a part. Our collective voice is one of immense power and beauty, giving rise to the meaning and potential of community.

My new membership initiative with Patreon is Musicopolis in practice. It is a public funding model (crowdfunding/sourcing/networking) that brings stakeholders from all sectors together in equal discourse while creating funds to further a shared vision.

In a world of saturated entertainment landscapes, our musical past is endangered, and business as usual isn't the solution. I invite you to join me in this exciting step towards realizing a new approach to the preservation of our music history and heritage!