Hello, Mozartians! I'm announcing my first subscription program to finance and create visibility for music preservation as a profession...

New Subscription Program to Finance and Create Visibility for Music Preservation

Hello, Mozartians! I'm announcing my first subscription program to finance and create visibility for music preservation as a profession. I'll be offering plans that deliver regular content and other benefits, including the opportunity to join other subscribers in an active readership community. Read my full announcement here.

Subscription content will include The Chronicles as well as content relating to my work in popular music. This site doesn't support subscriptions, so while I'll be maintaining an open archive here, new articles will only be previewed. They'll be available in their entirety through offered subscription plans on SherryDavis.org

For Mozartians who want only new content and not my primary site archive, forum or monthly subscriber bonus, the Supporter plan ($5/month) would be a good choice! 

Last year, I began to migrate content from The Chronicles to my primary site. This is because I see a unique opportunity to create crossover appreciation while bringing classical and popular music audiences together as a singular voice in support of music preservation. Although musical eras, cultures and audiences differ in many ways, the universality of music and musical nostalgia are homogenizing forces.

I've provided The Chronicles, its authorship and many initiatives (ie. Met Live in HD  national ticket campaign, fan exhibits at the Mozarthaus Vienna, etc.) as a public service for years without monetization. No subscriptions, no ads, no pay walls, no affiliate marketing. Maintaining an open access resource served its purpose well in reaching broader audiences, but also meant forgoing valuable income and exposing my writing, research and ideas to occasional plagiarism. This inadvertently devalued my work, music history and heritage and the profession for which I'm advocating.   

Gating my content through a subscription program will help protect my Intellectual Property and add financial value to my work and to music preservation as an emerging profession. It'll also give me the opportunity to more closely connect with those who are equally passionate about investing in the work and vision. 

I've made many sacrifices to create an innovational portfolio that forms the foundation of trust and credibility that I have today. It's the bedrock of my new subscription program. And with this announcement, I'm asking those who care about the cause to reciprocate, so that we can make greater strides towards the work!



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