Encouraging the enjoyment and appreciation of the life and music of W.A Mozart is integral to Sherry 's authorship and work a...


Encouraging the enjoyment and appreciation of the life and music of W.A Mozart is integral to Sherry's authorship and work as a Music Heritage Preservationist. Every individual with an active curiosity plays an important role in his enduring legacy. Whether you're just discovering the Maestro or you're a seasoned admirer, all are welcome at The Chronicles. Have a question? Get in touch!

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In the same manner that The Chronicles of a Modern-Day Mozartian was created to educate and empower Mozart's admirers, Sherry offers professional services for those wishing to engage and develop their own audiences. Creative sincerity, passion and the shared human experience illuminate this binding craftsmanship. Sherry provides informed, valuable and tailored services, all of which underscore her experience and philosophy as a Music Preservationist. Read reviews from colleagues, clients and readers. To inquire about services for your organization, please contact Sherry.

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