Sunbury Looks to Celebrate Da Ponte in 2022 Sherry is currently discussing a potential collaboration with the City of Sunbury, P...


Sunbury Looks to Celebrate Da Ponte in 2022

Sherry is currently discussing a potential collaboration with the City of Sunbury, Pennsylvania to recognize former resident Lorenzo Da Ponte during the city's 250th anniversary in 2022. Mozart's librettist lived in Sunbury from 1811 to 1818. 

Mozart in Italia 250 Celebrates Journey

UPDATE // July 19, 2020 Mozart in Italia 250 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Read the full statement. This new initiative was a partnership with Associazione Mozart Italia and European Mozart Ways to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Mozart's journey to Italy by recreating his route through crowdsourced content, bringing recognition to this history and inspiring morale amidst the pandemic.

Met Live in HD Campaign Surpasses 100 Tickets

Sherry's campaign for The Met: Live in HD's holiday encore of The Magic Flute in December 2019 marks her seventh year in collaboration with Fathom EventsIncluding this outreach effort, she has offered 104 tickets to Mozart's fans in the U.S. to experience opera at their local cinemas. Tickets have spanned five Mozart operas and winners from 14 states. Sherry's goal is to eliminate the financial and geographical obstacles that may be deterring audiences from the art form. Learn more.

Bertramka Declared National Cultural Landmark

The Villa Bertramka, a Mozart landmark in Prague whose decline has been exacerbated by neglect in recent years, was saved through a designation by the Minister of Culture in January 2019. Sherry, alongside her colleagues from the Mozart Society of America and beyond, had long campaigned for the saving of Bertramka. Read the article.

Interlude in Prague: A Film Review

To mark the 230th anniversary of Mozart's Don Giovanni in October 2017, Sherry published a review about the new period thriller inspired by its history, entitled Interlude in PragueDramatic license and entertainment value in period films have a transcendent ability to attract new audiences and rekindle passion in existing ones. Sherry hopes that the film will perform well in this role, and more specifically, serve as a reminder of the enduring appeal of Mozart's opera. Read the review.

Figaro230 Exhibit Displayed at Mozarthaus

To celebrate the 230th anniversary year of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro in 2016, Sherry created the Figaro230 initiative to collect and display celebratory regards from Mozart's fans all over the world at the Mozarthaus Vienna. The Mozarthaus, now a museum, was Mozart's largest and most opulent apartment. Although he had several addresses in Vienna, Mozart lived at Domgasse 5 longer than he did at any other residence, and it's the only one that survives today. Mozart composed Figaro in 1786 while living there, a time period (1784-1787) representing some of his most productive, popular and prosperous years in the city. Learn more. 

Austrian Cultural Forum Celebrates Da Ponte Day

In October 2014, Sherry had the opportunity to join the Da Ponte family for a celebration of their ancestor, Lorenzo Da Ponte (Mozart's Librettist), at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City. Da Ponte Day was a symposium and concert realized through a collaboration between the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Don Juan Archiv Wien and the Mozarteum. Sherry attended a performance of the Mozart/Da Ponte opera Le nozze di Figaro at the Metropolitan Opera with the Da Ponte family. She was also on set for their interviews at Columbia University for a documentary where Da Ponte was appointed the first Professor of Italian in 1825.

Exclusive for Ealing Studios Rarities Collection

In January 2014, the Mozart film Whom the Gods Love (1936) was commercially released for the first time in the Ealing Studios Rarities Collection: Volume 9. Sherry was asked by Network Distributing to write an exclusive about the release of this rare film. "We thought it might be nice to invite Mozart Preservationist Sherry Davis to write a little piece on the film, and how right we were." Read the article.

Constanze Forum Recognized in Badische Zeitung

In January 2013, Sherry was recognized in Constanze Mozart's hometown newspaper, the Badische Zeitung (Germany), for her advocacy of Constanze's pioneering life and work. Sherry had created a forum in celebration of her 250th birthday. Read more. That same year, Sherry was also instrumental in the re-publication of "Constanze, Mozart's Beloved." Read more. Sherry hopes that Constanze's inspiring story will continue to be discovered by new and appreciative audiences.