"For many years I have known Sherry Davis and of her extraordinary passion for the life and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart....


"For many years I have known Sherry Davis and of her extraordinary passion for the life and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In particular, she has been a significant partner in advocating for the preservation and restoration of the Villa Bertramka in Prague, which has recently been designated as a National Cultural Monument by the Czech Ministry of Culture. Sherry's worldwide promotion of Mozart's music, his history, new scholarship and contemporary performances and events is unparalleled. Through her talent and her website, Sherry has become a unique and treasured ambassador of Mozart's legacy." David Bahlman, Architectural Historian, Preservationist and Former President of The Mozart Society of Philadelphia

"Sherry has worked with Fathom Events and the Metropolitan Opera since 2012. Her creativity and passion for Mozart is not only inspiring, but contagious. This past season, Sherry created a week long social media contest asking one question about Cosi fan tutte a day. The contest was not only a fantastic idea, but also a perfect way to target Mozart fans and ignite excitement for the Met Live in HD broadcast. Due to her passion, dedication and creativity, Fathom cannot wait to work with Sherry in the future and learn from her innovative ways." Katie Sawyer-Stachler, Director of Programming at Fathom Events

"After our meeting through Phil Grabsky's In Search of Mozart, Sherry organized a regional television program for Mozart Week where I was given the opportunity to speak directly to viewers about my ancestor. In her passion for the Mozart/Da Ponte operas, Sherry has promoted Le nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte and Don Giovanni in cinemas and works to save this precious musical history. Lorenzo da Ponte's 21st Century American descendants would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Sherry who has done so much to keep alive a remarkable relationship cut so abruptly short by Mozart's untimely death." Clay Alder, Great Grandson (4x) of Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart's Librettist 

"Sherry has booked our film (In Search of Mozart) into over a hundred venues. She has worked with the press (print, radio, television, internet), the filmmaker and our offices coordinating bookings of our film. While I think Sherry would be outstanding in ANY field she chose to apply herself, she loves opera and classical music and I believe she will be a fine asset to any organization that she works for." Mitchell Block, Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning Executive and Producer

"You are a star, Sherry! You have found a way to keep the flame of Mozart's genius alive and vibrant, and a way for many of us in the worldwide Mozartean community to remain both connected and engaged. Brava, Sherry, brava! You are the curator of Mozartiana, a modern-day Schauspieldirektor of all things Mozartean, the head chef of cuisine called "Everyday Mozart," the preservationist of Mozartean lore, a meticulous revisionist who constantly strives to put the truth about Mozart and his accomplishments as epicentric in our daily discourse, and the bringer of essential relevance to our times of a genius who died tragically young over 220 years ago, before his work was done. You make Mozart essential, foundational, living. Thank you." Vincent DeLuise, M.D., Musician and Author

"To celebrate the release of Volume 9 of The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection, we thought we would take a closer look at one of the classic films included. Whom the Gods Love (1936) is the story of Mozart and his wife Constanze, set against a background of court intrigue and professional jealousy, with music conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham. We thought it might be nice to invite Mozart Preservationist Sherry Davis to write a little piece on the film, and how right we were." Harry Moore, Digital Media Officer at Network Distributing

"I read Sherry's review about my film. It was gratifying that she recognised precisely my intention that the fictional events during Mozart's visit (to Prague) influenced the writing of his masterpiece Don Giovanni, particularly as he always took great interest in the libretto." Brian Ashby, Screenwriter for Interlude in Prague

Encouraging Words from The Chronicles Readership

Debbi McGillicky "I re-discovered Mozart after finding your Chronicles (Facebook) page and have since then become completely obsessed with everything Mozart. I've so enjoyed your writings over the years. They are thoroughly enjoyable and engaging! I have so much to be thankful to you for from your fantastic Mozart contests to your historical and interesting articles. I hope you never tire of your work here because I, for one, will miss it sorely! You rock!"

TGregg McClain "You truly write beautifully. The flow is so natural and easy. Your writing style evokes the imaginative energies in me. 'It's proof that he existed, for a short while, in our world. He was one of us, imperfect, delicate and courageous.' Those two sentences have really ignited fires. They have improved my Mozart. For, we all have our own Mozart. Thank you. 'I should like all my things to be of good quality, genuine and beautiful,' as well. My notion of you, your blog and page certainly fit the bill."

Monica Carvalho "I once again find myself overcome with emotion reading one of your articles. It is the love that your words exude and the beauty in the stories you tell that leave me no other option. I am grateful for it all!"

Tori Tompkins "Just wanted to thank you again for your "presence" and your pages. It is wonderful to have a place where one is free to revel in Mozart's divine genius and spirit. In a world consumed by a great majority of superficial entertainments, opportunities like this seem few and far between. My sincere gratitude and thank you for your dedication to sustaining the legacy of this great artist so that future generations may be able to bask in the poignant beauty my ears have had the pleasure and honor to know." 

Brad "Just to start off, I thought I'd say that I really enjoy your blog. You have the same view of Mozart that I do, in that you are open to new interpretations of his legacy, be they Amadeus or uniquely staged versions of his operas. It doesn't lower his status by one jot in my mind."  

Matt "Very interesting. Your passion is obviously immense, but pure and unrelenting. If more people had constructive passions as yourself, the world would most likely be rid of many burdens such as prejudices and other dilutions of society."  

Virginia Finsterwald "Thank you for sharing your insights and your love of Mozart. You so handily articulate what I sense and feel, but am not able to describe or put into words. You are truly a student of Mozart!"

Jenny "Thank you for this wonderful, inspirational post, Sherry. You have eloquently expressed the way I feel about Mozart as well. His life and music truly enrich my life. Thanks for all the work you do on this site and all the resources/info you provide!"  

Sheryl Davis "Creative and exciting presentation of news and information on Mozart past, present and future!"  

Anonymous "This was a very inspired, well-written and passionate tribute to Mozart! It covers the depth and wide range of Mozart's musical genius and his numerous great contributions to our world to this day! A very inspired piece, I enjoyed reading it, and I know that Mozart would thank you if he could."  

Gabriela "Thank you for a great blog. I fell head over heels in love with opera, and especially Mozart's operas, when I lived in Germany in the 90s. Since then, listening to his works has always brought much joy to my life. He is, and always will be, the sublimest of the sublime."

Tori Tompkins "Thank you so much for your continued dedication to Mozart the man, father, human and genius. Thank you for all you do to ensure that this priceless individual's legacy is brought, unsullied and untouched, to future minds, souls and hearts. I do so enjoy reading your updates. It is so fulfilling to find a gifted writer and advocate who shares my own humble beliefs. Much gratitude and respect."

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